Qualkings Flooring

Best grade timber flooring


Why Choose Us?

  • Stability Guaranteed

    Qualkings is engineered timber which is much more stable when changes in humidity occur. It is balanced in construction and made from multiple layers or 3 layers of solid timber with both the top layer and bottom layer similar thickness and hardness. The test results can be found here.

  • Much Harder

    Qualkings is much harder than oak and many other hardwoods.
The top layer of Qalkings is made using a new technology which increases its hardness to 13KN Janka Rating. Typically normal oak timber is only 6.5KN Janka Rating.

  • Sustainable plantation timber

    Only sustainable plantation FSC Certified timber (link to chain of custody certificate here) is used in manufacturing. Our new technology allows the use of fast grown trees to make high quality of products.

  • Best Price

    Our new technology and significantly improved recovery of finished product during processing means we can sell from USD$27 per square meter CIF. We only supply top grade products and our prices will beat all comparable flooring.

  • Lower emission of CH2O

    Our manufacturing is done in accordance with European Standard for formaldehyde emission. It is test regularly to ensure ongoing compliance. See the recent test report here.

  • Made to order

    We can make product to meet your own special designs or requirements. Our technology allows finished flooring to be made within 15 days from when the logs are first processed at our own factory. We are able to design and make timber flooring from our clients' samples or photograph or specification.

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